Thursday, 4 January 2007

Beef Hash

Yes yes. I had beef last night and since myself and Fanoo Flipper couldn't eat 2kg (it was close), I had the pleasure of a beef hash. Mmmmm, worth doing extra for.


Quantities are hard to specify here as you are unlikely to have the same amount of leftovers as I had. I think 500g of leftover meat will feed 3-4.

Leftover beef - shredded
Some pre-boiled potatoes - chopped
An onion or two
Plum tomatoes
Sprig of thyme
Salt & pepper


Soften the onions in olive oil and set them aside. Now get the pan really hot, add a bit more oil and fry the beef, potatoes and thyme together seasoning them as you go. When they have developed a good colour, add back in the onions, some chopped tomatoes and reduce the heat until the tomatoes reduce down to moisten the meat and potatoes.

Serve topped with 2 poached eggs per person. Fergus' recipe says fried eggs but since this is already a full blown fry-up, and buy the egg point I've probably got through 200ml of olive oil, I think poached add a welcome bit of lightness.

This dinner will restore any broken mind or body.

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